Panama Pacific
International Exposition

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17788--The "Fountain of Energy" in Action as Seen From the Scott St. Entrance,
Panama-Pacific Int. Exp., San Francisco, Calif.

The visitor to the Panama-Pacific Exposition upon passing through the Scott Street entrance finds in the first object he sees the Fountain of Energy, a symbol of the Exposition's meaning. That is to say he sees before him "something doing." Such, indeed, is the meaning of this ornament. Action is everywhere seen about it. The horseman riding with abandon; the trumpeters surmounting him; the grotesque figures in the water and the sprites that sprawl over them; the flowing of the fountain, where stream and spray pass out with force; all these proclaim Energy.

This figure is in the exact center of the South Gardens, a spot 500 by 900 feet, defined in its limits on the east by Festival Hall and by the palace of Horticulture on the west. On the north is the Tower of Jewels. These all are beautiful, each in its own class, but the Fountain of Energy, both as an adornment to the grounds and as a work of art itself, is deserving of the high praise a site of it calls forth.

The Avenue of the Palms passes along the north side of this fountain. Just beyond it stands the palace of Manufacturers, the dome of which is plainly seen.

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