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17789 - Looking Eastward on the Esplanade From the Massachusetts State Bldg.,
Panama-Pacific Int. Exp., San Francisco, Calif.

This street, the Esplanade, extends along the northern side of the main Exposition ground. At its eastern end where it issues from the Avenue of Nations stands the Massachusetts State Building, from before which this view was taken.

The twin-gabled house on the right is the Indiana State Building, that on the left is the Utah State Building. Immediately to the rear of the Indiana Building is the Canadian Building. At the extreme right of the picture may be seen the Tower of Jewels. Just to the left of this and about the exact center of the picture are the towers and domes of the Food Products Palace and the Palace of Architecture. In the distance in the center of the Esplanade stands the colossal Column of Progress.

On the left side of the street the buildings in order are: Utah, Ohio, Illinois, New York City, Pennsylvania, New York, and California. The Boat Harbor and the North Gardens are still further on, to the east of the California Building.

There are 28 buildings of the states and territories, and 22 pavilions of foreign countries. While some nations, as Great Britain and Germany, are not officially represented, they nevertheless have magnificent displays in the main exhibition palaces.

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