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17790 - The "Column of Progress" and the Bay From the Tower of Jewels, Battleship Oregon in the distance,
Panama-Pacific Int. Exp., San Francisco, Calif.

One of the really beautiful sights of the Exposition is that which looks out from the Tower of Jewels across the Court of the Universe, out over the Column of Progress, and across San Francisco Bay, in is seen lying at anchor the historic battleship Oregon.

The Sunken Gardens on the Court of the Universe are seen in the foreground, in which is located at the left the "Fountain of the Setting Sun." Its mate, the "Fountain of the Rising Sun," is directly opposite it at the right, just out of the range of vision.

The building at the right is the Palace of Transportation, and that at the left is the Palace of Agriculture. The aggregate cost of these two buildings was $907,220. Straight ahead is the lagoon that lies between the two buildings and at the north of this avenue completing the symmetry of the entire Exposition picture stands the Column of Progress surmounted by "The Adventurous Bowman," shooting his arrow toward the west.

Beyond in the harbor of the Bay of San Francisco lies the historic Battleship Oregon. She won great renown in the Spanish-American War in 1898 when she circumnavigated South America from the Pacific to the Atlantic and took a star part in the battle of Santiago, at which time the Spanish fleet was utterly destroyed and the war brought to an end.

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