Panama Pacific
International Exposition

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17792-View of the Tower of Jewels From Festival Hall,
Panama-Pacific Int. Exp., San Francisco, Calif.

Festival Hall, from which this view was taken, is at the east end of South Gardens. From here one overlooks directly the Avenue of Palms and from this angle is presented a view of the Tower of Jewels, the Twin Towers in the left background being the entrance into the Court of Palms from the south.

The Tower of Jewels is 435 feet high. On its lofty sides, suspended loosely so that they may swing with every passing breeze, are 135,000 prisms of almost every color of precious stones. Each of these prisms is backed by a mirror, thus doubling the radiance and increasing its scintillating power. In the sunlight these prisms flash forth a radiance beyond the power of imagination to conceive and in the night illumination the performance of the day is repeated.

The Avenue of Palms is one of the main boulevards, the eastern extension of which is "The Zone," and the western is the Avenue of Nations. At the left just out of view lie the South Gardens, the most pretentious of all the formal gardens.

The following noteworthy pieces of sculpture are placed by the Tower of Jewels: The "Priest," "Soldier," "Philosopher," "Adventurer," and on the terrace of the Tower, "The Armored Horsemen."

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