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17793 - A Merry Throng of Fun Seekers on the "Zone,"
Panama-Pacific Int. Exp., San Francisco, Calif.

The popularity of this section of the Exposition is attested to by the crowds one sees here. Along this thoroughfare is congregated that assortment of amusement features which after a rigorous censorship has won the favor of the Exposition authorities, and which with their consent is offered to the public.

On the right hand side of the street among the noteworthy features may be mentioned The Scenic Railway, Old Red Mill, Gettysburg, the Alligator Farm, the Chinese Village whose pagoda can be plainly seen, the Roller Coaster and the Aeroscope, the observation car of which is lifted far above the surrounding buildings on the horizon line.

On the left, and following in succession as on the right side, are the following special features: Bowls of Joy, Creation, based on the first chapter of Genesis; Dayton Flood, Grand Canyon, Japanese Village, 101 Ranch, and Yellowstone Park.

The bunting hanging from the standards is part of a decorative scheme which is seen about all the grounds. The colors of the streamer are in harmony with the general color scheme and prove quite an attractive addition to the splendor of the Exposition.

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