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17794 - North Entrance of the Horticulture Palace on the Avenue of Palms,
Panama-Pacific Int. Exp., San Francisco, Calif.

The Palace of Horticulture fronts the South Gardens with the side entrance on the Avenue of Palms. It is a building of such character that it stands out in prominence no matter from what point or distance you choose to view the Exposition grounds. Here the entrance is seen at close range, where its massiveness and its shapeliness are at once apparent.

Every nook and cranny of the Palace of Horticulture have specimens of distinguished members of the Flora family. It is a veritable exotic garden of delight, where rare palms, tree ferns and orchids reproduce the luxuriance of the tropics.

On the Avenue of Palms the trees range from eighteen to twenty-five feet in height. There is a double roe of palms on each side of the half-mile way. The trunks of the palms are planted with hardy ferns banked up with ivy, geraniums and nasturtiums. Passion vines, planted at the base, run up the trunks of the trees and out on the great fronds, dropping their brilliant flowers from the ends.

Incidentally one method of transportation, namely the auto train is here shown. Visitors may be readily transported from place to place within the grounds by electric motor chairs, hand roller chairs, and the intramural railway, which runs along the bay shore.

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