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17795 - View East From the Tower of the Cuban Pavilion,
Panama-Pacific Int. Exp., San Francisco, Calif.

The view here is along the beautiful Avenue of Palms, looking east. The picture is taken at the Cuban Pavilion, which stands just at the point where the Avenue of Palms joins the Avenue of Nations, this bend in the Avenue indicating where one ends and the other begins. The further end of the Avenue of Palms leads in the direction of the "Zone," the amusement spot of the Exposition.

Proceeding along the Avenue of Palms the large dome to the right is the Palace of Agriculture, the smaller domes and the Twin Towers standing close by being parts of the same building. The large dome further on to the right and which stands at the east end of the South Gardens is Festival Hall. The building at the extreme end of the Avenue of Palms is the Southern Pacific R. R. Building.

Proceeding along the left side of the Avenue of Palms the half-dome on the left is the Palace of Education and Social Economy, which building and that of the Palace of Liberal Arts stand between the observer and the Tower of Jewels. The two lesser towers standing on just this side of the Tower of Jewels mark the entrance to the Court of Palms.

The small building appearing in the left foreground is the Denmark Pavilion, while directly across from it stands the Formosa Tea House. The city of San Francisco appears in the distance to the right.

Original Stereograph

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