Panama Pacific
International Exposition

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17796 - Palace of Fine Arts and Lagoon,
Panama-Pacific Int. Exp., San Francisco, Calif.

The Palace of Fine Arts is so conceived architecturally as to appear embowered no matter from what viewpoint it is examined. It is semi-circular in form, the parallel arcs of its sides measuring 1100 feet.

At the center of this arc is erected the great dome seen here with steps leading down to the lagoon in a beautiful setting of shrubbery. The beautiful architecture is reflected in the placid waters of this great lagoon.

The painting and sculpture of every nation of artistic prominence are shown in this palace. In the matter of fine arts exhibits a departure is made from the usual rule of the Exposition. The intention of the Exposition is to show nothing that has ever been shown at any other exposition. Contemporary artists, of course, have a place, but the historic paintings of the country are also shown here. Also a loan collection of canvases from foreign artists is displayed.

Beneath the dome eight mural paintings by Robert Reid are placed. These are 12 by 28 feet in size. Within this building is contained a loan exhibit if sculpture. This building was constructed at an expenditure of $580,000.

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