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17797 - Overlooking the Tower of the Court of Abundance and Out to the Bay From the Tower of Jewels,
Panama-Pacific Int. Exp., San Francisco, Calif.

From an elevation of 250 feet in the Tower of Jewels this view looks in a northeasterly direction over to the Court of Abundance and the group of buildings contiguous to it. In the distance is the Island of Alcatraz.

A conception of size and distances may be had by knowing that this island lies in the Bay of San Francisco some four miles north of the city. It is a fortified island guarding the entrance to the Golden Gate. On it is also a military prison. Its lighthouse, discernible just beyond the fortress, is the loftiest on the Pacific Coast. Further out in the Bay lies Angel Island, a larger but less important body of land, and in the shadowy distance beyond are the heights of Berkeley and Oakland.

Nearer at hand in the left foreground of the picture is the stately arch, "The Nations of the East," observer here being almost on a level with its statuary group. To the right is the tower in the Court of Abundance. Beyond that the rounded dome of the Palace of Mines and Metallurgy, and at the left of the dome on the Palace of Transportation.

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