Panama Pacific
International Exposition

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17798 - A Corner of the Beautiful Rotunda of the Fine Arts Palace,
Panama-Pacific Int. Exp., San Francisco, Calif.

The fluted columns, the decorated pilasters and the symmetrical arches will first attract attention as one sees this scene which is just a corner in the rotunda of the Palace of Fine Arts. Right in the heart of the picture is the greatest horticultural novelty of the Exposition. It is called the "McLaren box-hedge," named after Donald McLaren.

That wall shown here between the columns is a living formation of plant life. The curving lines of moss, dusted with pink blossoms between the pillars and copings of marble, rise to the dignity of architecture. The wall is hollow. It is 20 feet high and 1150 feet long, and consists of boxes set edgewise, filled with soil to a thickness of eight feet. Poultry wire retains the soil in the boxes, which are planted thick with the pink flowering ice plant. Irrigated from above, the plants grow horizontally and really bloom better than when set on the ground. This flowery wall has been mentioned second only as a wonder wall to the Great Wall of China.

The Palace itself during the life of the Exposition may be characterized as the world's beauty spot.

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