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17800 - The South gardens and Horticultural Palace, Looking West from Festival Hall,
Panama-Pacific Int. Exp., San Francisco, Calif.

At the extreme western limit of the South Gardens stands the immense structure known as Horticultural palace, the main dome of which rears itself aloft directly in the center of the picture. The Fountain of Energy and its pool form the central part of the gardens. Immediately at the left is the Press Building, beyond the arches of the Scott Street entrance to the grounds and just beyond the entrance is the Y. W. C. A. Building. To the right across the grounds from the Scott Street entrance, and just out of view of this picture is the Tower of Jewels. In the distance to the left is the Inside Inn, and on the uplands beyond is the United States Government Reservation Presidio.

The Horticultural Palace is constructed almost entirely of glass and covers approximately five acres. It is surmounted by a dome 186 feet in height and 152 feet in diameter.

All phases of practical horticulture are embraced in its exhibits. A complete fruit canning establishment is in operation, showing the sanitary way in which fruit is prepared and canned; a seed packing establishment, an orange packing house and olive presses are in operation. The various kinds of tools employed in culture of fruits, flowers and trees are shown.

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