Panama Pacific
International Exposition

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17802 - Fine Arts Palace by Night - A Magnificent Reflection in the Lagoon,
Panama-Pacific Int. Exp., San Francisco, Calif.

The northern wing of the Palace of Fine Arts, whose glorious peristyle rises from the mirror surface of the lagoon, is a thing of beauty. By daylight this building is of solemn beauty, but although its surfaces, real and reflected, shine more brilliantly, there is an added element of mystery which transforms it into an enchanted palace of an Arabian tale.

In the illumination of this building the wizards of lighting have striven for an absolute quiet, which belongs to the contemplation of the highest forms of art. By skillful use of a softened bluish light, flooding the rosy walls and marble copings and the delicate foliage, this effect is produced. Save for the manifest contrast afforded by the darkness of the sky, one could scarcely distinguish between this picture with its moonlight glow and that reflected by the light of the sun.

This building is situated directly west of the main group of exhibit palaces and is separated from them by the Fine Arts lagoon, here shown, and the Avenue of Administration. It is curved in shape, the parallel arcs of its side measuring 1100 feet. On account of the dangers in the war-stricken countries of Europe the exhibit within this building has been materially enriched. Masterpieces are on exhibition here which could have been procured under no other circumstances. The entire cost of the building is $580,000.

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