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17804 - A Glory of Light and Color-The Tower of Jewels at Night,
Panama-Pacific Int. Exp., San Francisco, Calif.

The main court of the Exposition is the Court of the Universe, the entrance to which is through the arch upon which rests the "Tower of Jewels," the night scene of which is here shown.

The illumination of the Exposition marks an epoch in lighting. The art of illumination has here been carried to its highest known power. The fundamental feature is the massing of lights and throwing them from their concealed sources upon towers, domes and minarets in beautiful tones.

Among the novelties in illumination is the "Tower of Jewels," which will remain as a flaming gorgeous memory. On the tower are 135,000 specially cut prisms in the colors of ruby, emerald, sapphire, topaz, diamond, and other precious stones. Dazzling as these are when seen by day the effect is increased by night, when 200 concealed searchlights focus their rays upon the tower. The tower stands 435 feet in height, with seven levels or floors of diminishing area, each relieved by sculptured embellishments.

This tower is the dominant object of the Exposition. Its lofty eminence and its gorgeousness attract attention always. As the air currents set each sparkling ornament in vibration it seems as though it were breathing softly. All is exquisite as the flash of a dew drop in the sun.

Original Stereograph

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