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17805 - The Gleam of the Electic Scintillators at Night in the Court of Four Seasons,
Panama-Pacific Int. Exp., San Francisco, Calif.

It is not likely that the eye of man has ever before beheld a scene like this one showing the night illumination at the Court of the Four Seasons. This is the court that lies directly between the Court of the Universe and the Palace of Fine Arts.

The view here looks in a northerly direction, showing the Palace of Agriculture to the left and the Palace of Transportation to the right of the avenue leading out to the Bay of San Francisco.

In the night scene of the Court of the Four Seasons the colonnades are transmuted into mother-of-pearl; behind the pillars the walls are rose red. Every statue, every heroic group stands out in light bright as day yet soft as moonlight. Under the panelled arches, sculptured rosettes burn like fiery roses in a mist of pinkish light. Across the sky streams the aurora from the water-side, a jewelled rainbow fan whose gleaming ribs reach across the Bay well out to sea. Other expositions have been gorgeously lighted, but none has more nearly turned the night into a day which retains the enchanting beauty of the moonlight.

Original Stereograph

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