Panama Pacific
International Exposition

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17806 - Detail From "Fountain of Energy" by Night,
Panama-Pacific Int. Exp., San Francisco, Calif.

One of the most beautiful and attractive features of the Exposition is its electrical illumination. By an entirely new system of flood lighting a soft, restful yet perfect light is made to pervade the courts at night, revealing in wonderful clearness the facades and walls of the palaces and the natural colors of the shrubbery and flowers. By peculiar and novel lighting devices the statuary is made to appear with heightened effect. One such display is seen in this illuminated detail of the "Fountain of Energy."

The effect here is produced by the play of searchlights upon that portion of the statue here shown illumined. Concealed batteries project softened rays of light at the will of the operator. It will be seen that this reflected light appears no less brilliant than does the light that shows in the luster of lamps.

Original Stereograph

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