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17807 - Illumination of the Court of the Universe and Arch of the "Nations of the West" at Night,
Panama-Pacific Int. Exp., San Francisco, Calif.

This night scene of the Court of the Universe looking toward the western arch, or "The Nations of the West," presents a variation that is pleasing. The column of the Western "Fountain of the Sun" seems aglow with an inner fire as do the mosaics within the arches. The illuminated statuary that crowns the arch distinctly shows the horsemen on the plains and the old time "prairie schooner," with its yoke of oxen. Altogether it offers a new demonstration of the kind of lighting the Exposition has developed.

From the distant island of Alcatraz the white beams of light are thrown as though by the magic wand of some benevolent fairy. But each prominent building carries its own battery of lights, and these lights are so arranged that in the Court of the Universe a spotlight can be thrown upon the girl-star directly opposite the source of the light. The many changes that can be made at the will of the operator are almost beyond computation.

Original Stereograph

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