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17808 - Horticultural Palace and the "Fountain of Energy" From the Press Club Bldg.,
Panama-Pacific Int. Exp., San Francisco, Calif.

Upon entering the Exposition Grounds at the Scott Street entrance the visitor may turn directly to his right and from a position in front of the Press Building, look toward the west, and this is the sight he beholds: To his right stands the Fountain of Energy surmounted by its horsemen. In the left central part of the picture he sees the Palace of Horticulture, its towering glass dome, the largest in the world, being most noticeable. The stately minarets or steeples are at the corners and at either side of the main entrance to the building. The Italian Tower seen at the right background marks the entrance to the Court of Palms, while the two round domes just that are at the corners of Education and Social Economy Palace.

Various flowers in succession will adorn the fountains in the South gardens. First we shall have golden rims of yellow pansies with an embossed design of daffodils. The as the "gold tarnishes" it is changed over night to the scarlet of countless tulips, all transplanted in full bloom, and the season will close with begonias.

The Palace of Horticulture covers and area of about five acres. Much of the building is steam heated for the tropical display, due to the fact that the temperature of San Francisco practically all year round is about that of middle April or early May in New York and Chicago. The cost of this palace is $341,000. Never again will the sea grasses grow on this spot where man's magic has conjured up these beautiful forms and the buildings that enshrine them.

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