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17809 - The Little Mascot of the Panama-Pacific Int. Exp. - View of Progress Ave. to the Bay From Fillmore St. Entrance,
Panama-Pacific Int. Exp., San Francisco, Calif.

This view of the Avenue of Progress is taken from the Fillmore Street entrance which admits visitors to the grounds at the western end of the Zone. Directly west or to the left stands beautiful Festival Hall. Looking north across the broad plaza here shown and down the Avenue of Progress, one gets a very pretty view of the Bay of San Francisco. The Building at the left is the Palace of Varied Industries. The main entrance to this building is at the left just out of view of this picture. This is the home of the metal workers, the goldsmiths and silversmiths and in it is housed their rare products. Gold products, silver, leather, furs, paper, fibre, silk, wool, porcelain, glass, marble, felt and straw products are all here.

The large building on the right is the Palace of Machinery, the building occupying the same relation at the eastern end of the grounds as the Palace of Fine Arts at the western end.

The little girl in the wheel chair is the Mascot of the Exposition. Incidentally a glimpse is had at one of the ways of transporting visitors about the grounds.

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