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17811 - C. C. Moore, President of the Panama-Pacific Int. Exp., speaking, Fraternal Insurance Societies Day,
Panama-Pacific Int. Exp., San Francisco, Calif.

Events like this are characteristic of the Exposition. It is but natural that great institutions and bodies of men and women should avail themselves of the delights of the Exposition while attending their conventions and holding their conclaves. The view here shows an outdoor meeting of the Fraternal Insurance Societies being addressed by Mr. C.C. Moore, President of the Exposition, on Insurance Day, in April.

Apart from the band concerts each day and illumination displays each night there are special events for almost every day in the year. Fraternal, military, athletic, educational organizations, patriotic bodies, economic interests and the like are all at the Exposition this year for their "meets," their "congresses," etc. To these must be added the special events under the auspices of separate nations, states, cities and counties. Aside from its displays the Exposition is a liberal education in itself in the varied interests is conserves and fosters.

The speaking is taking place on the north side of the South Gardens just west of the Tower of Jewels. In the background is shown the beautiful Palace of Horticulture. On the seats in front of this building is a drill company of some fraternal society awaiting their time for the dress parade and drill on the broad space in front of them. There were numerous such events participated in by the various organizations on Fraternal Day.

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