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17812 - Horticultural Palace From the Y. W. C. A. Bldg.,
Panama-Pacific Int. Exp., San Francisco, Calif.

The view here given shows to exceptionally good advantage the magnificent Palace of Horticulture that marks the western limit of the South Gardens. Its dome, and the building as well, is constructed almost entirely of glass, and covers nearly five acres. The central dome rises 186 feet above the level of the pavement. The greatest length of the building is 672 feet and its greatest width 320 feet.

Architecturally the Palace of Horticulture is fashioned after the model of the Mosque of Ahmed in Constantinople. It is wreathed in garlands and flower urns. Stands and vases of floral design are placed wherever space permits.

At the ground level within the dome an enormous circular space holds a display of tropical fruits and flowers, these being set in exquisite arrangement. Palms, notably the Cuban variety, are in generous number. At the triangular section located at the corners of the main building are pools filled with displays of aquatic plants, the useful as well as beautiful being found here.

From a tropical jungle on the main floor of the building, high powered searchlights send their beams upward to the dome through colored revolving screens and lenses of various types and turn the huge crystal palace into an opal of changing fires, visible at a great distance. The exterior spectacular effect is second only to the glory that reigns within this building.

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