Panama Pacific
International Exposition

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17813--From the Scott St. Entrance to the "Fountain of Energy" and Tower of Jewels, Panama-Pacific Exp., San Francisco, Calif.

With what amazement the visitor to the Exposition first beholds the sight shown here! Passing through the Scott St entrance one first looks upon this fountain, "The Fountain of Energy." It is here shown inactive. When the waters are playing out over the grotesque figures in the basin it has a very unique appearance. Action is its dominant note. Its size may be faintly gauged by comparing it with the people who are about it.

In the background stands the Tower of Jewels, its lofty eminence making it a landmark for the visitor. It stands 435 feet above the level of the pavement. The archway under it gives entrance to the Court of the Universe.

The broad expanse that surrounds the Fountain of Energy is known as South Gardens, and extends over an area of 500 by 900 feet.

Just to the left of the Tower of Jewels and lifted above the rampart that fronts on the South Gardens may be seen the statuary group, "The Nations of the West," that surmounts the western archway leading out of the Court of the Universe. The domes seen through the archway under the Tower of Jewels are on the corners of the Palace of Architecture.

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