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17814 - Art. Smith and His Aeroplane on the Aviation Field,
Panama-Pacific Int. Exp., San Francisco, Calif.

The exposition grounds readily separate their 635 acres into three distinct sections. The central part, 505 acres, is given over to the eleven main exhibit palaces and Festival Hall. The eastern section of 65 acres is devoted to the Zone, and the western section extending northwest along the Bay of San Francisco is given over to the Pavilions of the Nations and the States, the Livestock Exhibit, the Racing Course and its mile track, and the Athletic and Aviation Fields.

The Aviation Field is inside the race course at its extreme western end. There is erected there a grand stand for the accommodation of the sightseers. The drill grounds whereon 10,000 troopers may maneuver is also a part of the aviation ground.

The view here shows Art. Smith, the aviator, and his aeroplane ready for action. A recent feat of a useful kind was the performance of an aviator carrying out over the Bay a number of life preservers and dropping them to the people in the waters below who had been throw out of their launch. Mr. Smith's performance calls for that marvelous seat of "looping the loop" in mid air.

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