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The "card #" below is the number assigned to each of the 100 cards in the Panama Pacific International Exposition set. The five-digit number is Keystone's serial number which spans all Keystone sets providing a unique identifier for every stereograph. We have listed the cards in the order that they appear in this set.

These pictures show their age. Some of the original stereograph cards are faded or stained. Most of the images have not been enhanced to compensate for their condition. Also, in consideration of those internet users who do not have high speed connections, the images have been converted to a lower resolution so they will load faster.

From each anaglyph page, you can link to the original black and white stereograph.

Card 1 - 17760 "Fountain of Energy" and Scott St. Entrance From South Gardens, "Woodmen" Drilling in the Foreground

Card 2 - 17788 The "Fountain of Energy" in Action as Seen From the Scott St. Entrance

Card 3 - 17806 Detail From "Fountain of Energy" by Night

Card 4 - 17813 From the Scott St. Entrance to the "Fountain of Energy" and Tower of Jewels

Card 5 - 17718 "Fountain of Energy" in the South gardens, Press Bldg. in the Background at the Right

Card 6 - 17810 From the Scott St. Entrance North Over the South Gardens to Palace of Manufacturers and the Towers of Court of Flowers

Card 7 - 17721 Lagoons and Fountains of the South Gardens as Seen from the Horticulture Palace

Card 8 - 17771 View From N. E. Corner of Horticultural Palace to Festival Hall Showing "Fountain of Energy" in Action

Card 9 - 17725 South Gardens--Festival Hall and "Fountain of Energy" in the Background

Card 10 - 17766 U. S. Marines Drilling in the South Gardens, Festival Hall in the Background

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Card 11 - 17717 Festival Hall and Flower Beds as Seen from the South Gardens

Card 12 - 17792 View of the Tower of Jewels From Festival Hall

Card 13 - 17776 Looking Over the South Gardens to the Tower of Jewels From the Southeast Corner of Horticultural Palace

Card 14 - 17804 A Glory of Light and Color--The Tower of Jewels at Night

Card 15 - 17745 Arch of the Tower of Jewels on Ave. of Palms

Card 16 - 17801 Looking South Over Scott St. Entrance and the City From 250 Feet in the Tower of Jewels

Card 17 - 17775 Southeast Over Festival Hall From an Altitude of 250 Feet in the Tower of Jewels

Card 18 - 17797 Overlooking the Tower of the Court of Abundance and Out to the Bay From the Tower of Jewels

Card 19 - 17790 The "Column of Progress" and the Bay From the Tower of Jewels, Battleship Oregon in the Distance

Card 20 - 17729 Looking North West From an Altitude of 250 Feet in the Tower of Jewels Showing the California State Bldg. in the Distance

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Card 21 - 17800 The South gardens and Horticultural Palace, Looking West from Festival Hall

Card 22 - 17808 Horticultural Palace and the "Fountain of Energy" From the Press Club Bldg.

Card 23 - 17811 C. C. Moore, President of the Panama-Pacific Int. Exp., speaking, Fraternal Insurance Societies Day

Card 24 - 17812 Horticultural Palace From the Y. W. C. A. Bldg.

Card 25 - 17777 Under the Main Dome in the Palace of Horticulture

Card 26 - 17747 Auto Trains, One Method of Conveying Visitors About the Grounds

Card 27 - 17756 Visitors Eating Lunch on the Ave. of Palms

Card 28 - 17765 West From the So. Pacific R. R. Bldg. On the Ave. of Palms to the Tower of Jewels and the Towers of the Court of Flowers

Card 29 - 17762 Ave. of Palms as seen From the South Gardens

Card 30 - 17716 On the Avenue of Palms, Looking East Towards the Southern Pacific R. R. Bldg.

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Card 31 - 17794 North Entrance of the Horticulture Palace on the Avenue of Palms

Card 32 - 17746 The Court of Flowers

Card 33 - 17755 "Beauty and the Beast," Central Fountain in the Court of Flowers, Manufacturers Palace in the Background

Card 34 - 17748 The Eastern Corridor of the Court of Abundance

Card 35 - 17791 A Rare Vista of the Court of Abundance From the Palace of Manufacturers

Card 36 - 17720 "Fountain of the Earth" in the Court of Abundance

Card 37 - 17740 The "Fountain of the Earth" in the Court of Abundances

Card 38 - 17753 Night Illumination of the "Fountain of Earth" in the Central Pool of the Court of Abundance

Card 39 - 17758 Listening to a Band Concert in the Court of Abundance

Card 40 - 17743 A Model of the White Star Line Steamer, "Britannic," Which is in the Process of Building

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Card 41 - 17784 A Railway Exhibit in the Transportation Palace

Card 42 - 17744 A Unique Display in the Palace of Manufactures

Card 43 - 17773 View Through Court of the Universe Showing Both East and West Arches as Seen From the Court of the Abundance

Card 44 - 17719 Arch of "Nations of the East" and Reclining Figure, "The Elements," in the Court of the Universe

Card 45 - 17759 Fountain of the "Rising Sun" and Arch of the "Nations of the East" in the Court of the Universe

Card 46 - 17723 East End Court of the Universe

Card 47 - 17768 Court of the Universe and Arch of the Eastern nations from the Palace of Agriculture

Card 48 - 17807 Illumination of the Court of the Universe and Arch of the "Nations of the west" at Night

Card 49 - 17727 Group Statue Representing "Summer" in the Court of Four Seasons

Card 50 - 17734 "Autumn," a Group Statue in the Court of Four Seasons

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Card 51 - 17733 "Winter," on of the Seasons Groups in the Court of Four Seasons

Card 52 - 17805 The Gleam of the Electic Scintillators at Night in the Court of Four Seasons

Card 53 - 17751 Equestrian Statue, "End of the Trail," in the Court of Palms

Card 54 - 17738 Fine Arts Palace, Looking North West from the Ave. of Palms

Card 55 - 17783 Fine Arts Palace

Card 56 - 17754 Sunset Court Facing Fine Arts Palace

Card 57 - 17770 Lagoon and N. W. Section of Columns of Fine Arts Palace

Card 58 - 17802 Fine Arts Palace by Night-A Magnificent Reflection in the Lagoon

Card 59 - 17796 Palace of Fine Arts and Lagoon

Card 60 - 17752 In Fairyland-The Dome of the Fine Arts Palace and the Lagoon at the Night

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Card 61 - 17798 A Corner of the Beautiful Rotunda of the Fine Arts Palace

Card 62 - 17781 "American Bison" in the U. S. Section Dept. of Fine Arts

Card 63 - 17780 "An Outcast," Statue in the U. S. Section of Department of Fine Arts

Card 64 - 17782 "L'Amour" (Love) Statue in U. S. Section, Dept. of Fine Arts

Card 65 - 17735 "Prima Mater," (A Primative Mother)

Card 66 - 17726 Looking South East across Fine Arts Lagoon to Half Dome of Social and Economy Palace

Card 67 - 17739 May-Day Children's Exercises on the Musical Concourse

Card 68 - 17732 The Gardens of Japan

Card 69 - 17778 Quaint Pavilion in the Gardens of Japan

Card 70 - 17795 View East From the Tower of the Cuban Pavilion

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Card 71 - 17728 North East From Cuban Tower to Dome of Fine Arts Palace and Half Dome of Food Products Palace

Card 72 - 17767 A Section of the Italian Pavillion on the Day of the Dedication

Card 73 - 17772 The Start! Baby Vanderbilt Cup Race, Athletic Field

Card 74 - 17814 Art. Smith and His Aeroplane on the Aviation Field

Card 75 - 17761 Art. Smith, an Exposition Aviator, Getting Ready to "Loop the Loop"

Card 76 - 17789 Looking Eastward on the Esplanade From the Massachusetts State Bldg.

Card 77 - 17774 The beautiful Canadian Bldg.

Card 78 - 17763 The Argentine Pavillion, a French Renaissance Bldg.

Card 79 - 17757 The Hon. Boutwell Dunlop, Argentine Consul. Speaking at the dedication Services of the Argentine Pavillion

Card 80 - 17737 The Pavillion of the Netherlands and Her Colonies, From the Fine Arts Grounds

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Card 81 - 17724 Wisconsin and Nevada State Bldgs. On Ave. of States

Card 82 - 17769 California State Building

Card 83 - 17785 An Exhibit of Cotton By the "Imperial Valley" in the California State Building

Card 84 - 17799 Looking across the Boat Harbor to the Elaborately Carved Fa┴ade of the Palace of Agriculture

Card 85 - 17742 The Column of Progress and Surrounding Palaces From the Bay

Card 86 - 17809 The Little mascot of the Panama-Pacific Int. Exp. - View of Progress Ave. to the Bay From Fillmore St. Entrance

Card 87 - 17764 The Service Bldg.

Card 88 - 17793 A Merry Throng of Fun Seekers on the "Zone"

Card 89 - 17803 Gay Night Time on the "Zone"

Card 90 - 17786 Souvenir Watch Palace on the Zone, the Street of Fun

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Card 91 - 17749 The "Zone" by Night

Card 92 - 17736 Cawston Ostrich Farm Exhibit on the "Zone"

Card 93 - 17741 Tight Rope Walkers in the Air, Free Entertainment on the "Zone"

Card 94 - 17730 Amusement Concessions on the "Zone"-"Creation" and "Dayton Flood"

Card 95 - 17731 "Toyland" on the "Zone"

Card 96 - 17787 Dancing Girls and Musicians in the Gardens of the Mexican Village on the "Zone"

Card 97 - 17715 Woodmen of the World Float-Parade of Frat. Ins. Societies along Van Ness Ave. on Way to Exposition Grounds

Card 98 - 17722 North West From the Corner of Greenwich and Polk Sts.

Card 99 - 17779 View of the City and the Exposition From Polk and Greenwich Sts.

Card 100 - 17750 Exposition Grounds from Fillmore St. at Night Time Showing Fireworks and Illuminations

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