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Welcome to the Exploratorium’s Internet2® gateway, where you’ll find a collection of Web resources that take advantage of cutting-edge Internet2 technology.

What is Internet2?
Internet2 is a university-led effort to develop advanced network applications for research and education. Most Internet2 applications make use of Abilene, a high-performance computer network that provides bandwidth, responsiveness, and reliability that’s far superior to the “commodity Internet.” Learn more about Internet2.

Do You Have Access to Internet2 Abilene Network?
Many K–12 schools (over 20,000) and most large universities are connected to the Internet2 Abilene network. To find out if you’re connected, ask your computer network administrator, or download The Internet  Detective.

What Can You Do with Internet 2?

At the Exploratorium, we dissect cow eyes to show people how an eye works. This Web site shows photos and videos of a dissection.
Cow Eye Dissection:


Watch live, on-demand videos of lectures and programs from a consortium of research centers and universities.
The Research Channel:

University broadband internet radio programming from the University of South Florida, the University of Washington, and the University of Michigan.
Take a 3-D flyover of Yosemite, the Nile River, or Machu Picchu, using NASA's World Wind software (for the PC only).
World Wind data viewer:

3-D data:

Check out a list of ongoing Internet2 projects initiated by schools, museums, and others.
Internet2 K20 Initiative:


Recent i2 Webcasts
High Resolution Webcasts

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