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Megan Shaw Prelinger/Prelinger Archives
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John L. Chin/USGS
Florence L. Wong/USGS

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Jim Allan/William Self Associates
Richard H. Sinkoff/Port of Oakland
Beau Takahara/ZeroOne
John Weber/Tang Museum
Peter Samis/SF MOMA
Dominic Wilsdon/SF MOMA
Nathan Withrington/Gocar

San Francisco Art Institute

Meredith Tromble
Paul Klein
Jeannene Przblyski
John Roloff


Jeannette Redensek
Rob Semper
Bronwyn Bevan
Jessica Hendricks

Image credits - Front page

Background map
Maximum Useable Frequencies Map - frame from a real-time computer-generated map showing contours of the height in the Earth's atmosphere (in kilometers) where the density of ionized electrons is the strongest. These maps help radio communicators determine how their radio signals may be affected by ionized electrons.
Courtesy, Carey Oler from the Solar Terrestrial Dispatch,

San Francisco Bay
Image courtesy of the Image Science & Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center.
Image # ISS004-E-10288

Real-time bay wind patterns