About the Institute: educational leaders who have served as our advisors Institute for Inquiry  

Over the past 10 years, a number of very thoughtful and creative educators have helped guide our work by sharing their significant experience in the realms of science inquiry, assessment, reflective practice, and school reform. *

J. Myron Atkin
Professor of Education at Stanford University, California

Hubert Dyasi
Director of the Workshop Center, City College of New York School of Education

Barbara Heenan
Senior Researcher at Inverness Research Associates, Inverness, California

George E. Hein
Director of the Program and Evaluation Research Group at Lesley College, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Michael Klentschy
Superintendent of the El Centro School District in California

Mark St. John
President of Inverness Research Associates, Inverness, California

Maria Santos
Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Professional Development for the San Francisco Unified School District

Barbara Scott-Nelson
Director of the Center for the Development of Teaching at the Education Development Center, Newton, Massachusetts

Kristina Woolsey
Distinguished Scientist, Apple Computer, Inc.

Karen Worth
Co-Project Director of the Center for Urban Science Education Reform at the Education Development Center in Newton, Massachusetts, and Instructor, Graduate School of Education, Wheelock College, Boston, Massachusetts

*Institutional affiliations held at time of collaboration.


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