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Active Assessment for Active Science: A Guide for Elementary School Teachers
George Hein and Sabra L. Price
Heinemann (1994)

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Assessment for Learning: Putting It into Practice
Paul Black, Chris Harrison, Clare Lee, Bethan Marshall, and Dylan Wiliam
Open University Press (2003)

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Everyday Assessment in the Science Classroom
Edited by J. Myron Atkin and Janet E. Coffey
National Science Teachers Association Press (2003)

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“Inside the Black Box: Raising Standards Through Classroom Assessment”
Paul Black and Dylan Wiliam
Phi Delta Kappa International (October 1998)

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Teaching, Learning, and Assessing Science 5–12
Fourth Edition

Wynne Harlen
Sage Publications Ltd (2005)

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Weaving Science Inquiry and Continuous Assessment: Using Formative Assessment to Improve Learning
Maura O’Brien, Gregg E. Humphrey, and Karen S. Reinardt
Corwin Press, Inc. (2003)

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Working Inside the Black Box: Assessment for Learning in the Classroom
Paul Black Christine Harrison, Clare Lee, Bethan Marshall and Dylan Wiliam
King’s College London (2002)

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