The Library: the foundations of inquiry learning Institute for Inquiry  
Children’s Ideas In Science
Edited by Rosalind Driver with Edith Guesne and Andrée Tiberghien
Open University Press (1992)

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Foundations: Inquiry—Thoughts, Views, and Strategies for the K–5 Classroom
Institute for Inquiry Staff and Colleagues
Foundations Series, National Science Foundation (1999)

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“The Having of Wonderful Ideas” and Other Essays on Teaching and Learning
Second Edition

Eleanor Duckworth
Teachers College Press (1996)

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How People Learn: Brain Mind Experience and School
Edited by John D. Bransford, Ann L. Brown, and Rodney R. Cocking
National Academy Press (2000)

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How Students Learn: Science in the Classroom
M. Suzanne Donovan and John D. Bransford, editors
National Research Council

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The Informed Vision: Essays on Learning and Human Nature
Reissue Edition

David Hawkins
Algora Publishing (2002)

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Inquiring into Inquiry Learning and Teaching Science
Edited by James A. Minstrell and Emily H. van Zee
American Association for the Advancement of Science (2000)

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Inquiry and Learning: Realizing Science Standards in the Classroom
John W. Layman, with George Ochoa and Henry Heikkinen
College Entrance Examination Board (1996)

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Young People’s Images of Science
Rosalind Driver, John Leach, Robin Millar, and Phil Scott
Open University Press (1996)

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