The IFI Resource Library is a collection of highly useful information about inquiry-based learning, teacher education, and related subjects. It includes previously published and unpublished articles, speeches, presentations, inquiry activities, program descriptions, video and audio tapes, and educational software. Sources for which copyright permission was granted are posted in-full on these web pages. Resources for which we could not obtain copyright permission are in abstract (summary) or include links to the actual resource.

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Institute for Inquiry Book
A monograph on the philosophy and practice of inquiry for educators and parents.

new iconEnhancing Inquiry Through Formative Assessment by Wynne Harlen.

Inquiry Descriptions
Inquiry descriptions written by researchers, teachers, and professional development specialists from the fields of science, mathematics, history, writing, and the arts who attended the 1996 Institute for Inquiry Forum.

Inquiry Bibliography
Professional Development Design Seminar Guide to Articles and Readings

Inquiry Education Information for the Classroom
Publications and web links with direct applications to inquiry classroom discussions

Inquiry Education for Teacher Workshops
Publications and web links for professional development inquiry providers, including sample workshop activities and potentially useful handouts

Inquiry Education Research
Publications and web links that provide a theoretical background for inquiry education

Museum Education
Publications and web links relating to inquiry education in museums and other informal educational institutions

Inquiry Websites

Publications and Websites that may be of
interest but do not have inquiry as the
primary focus

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