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We recently taught a class for pre-service teachers at Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA. We wanted to give the students a beginning experience with questioning skills as they are related to inquiry learning. We also wanted them to be actively involved in their own learning of how questioning drives inquiry learning and experiences. So we decided to try the Ice Balloon activity from the PD workshop. All in all in went very well. The students were receptive and found how important questioning is in this whole process. Now for my question to you all.... After they had time to initially explore the ice balloon and generate their questions we had them choose one to investigate. We also set up a table with materials they could use to enhance their investigations. What we found was they were just like 3rd graders. They lost sight of their investigation and wanted to try using ALL the materials that were available. Needless to say when they finished they had multi-colored ice balls, salt, etc... everywhere. Should we have limited the materials they could use? Should we have kept them out of sight and only if asked for something given it to them? I was also surprised at how quickly they finished up. They didn't seem to continue to ask questions and explore. It was the first time we used this activity with college students. They did enjoy it and I feel they understood how important it is to provide children with an experience that will promote questioning. If anyone has any suggestions we'd love to hear from you. Thanks. Sharon Hess & Phill Colins ASSET

Phil Collins and Sharon Hess
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