Pinhole Investigations for Professional Development

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This Electronic Pinhole Kit provides you with the tools, activities, and starting points you'll need to recreate some IFI inquiry experiences for teachers in your districts and projects. Link to any of the following pages. To get oriented, start out by reading the Introduction to the Electronic Pinhole Kit.

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Material Included in this Electronic Pinhole Kit

Background, Context, and Content:

Introduction to the Electronic Tool Kit

Designing an Inquiry Workshop with Pinholes

Pinhole Images-What's Happening Here?

Bob Miller's Image Walk (Not an IFI site. Click the back button to return to IFI.)

Activities and Demos:

Inquiry Starter Activity Using Tabletop Light Source

Making a Pinhole Viewer

Refrigerator Box Camera Obscura

Clamp-Light Demonstration

Guides to Assembling Activity Materials:

Making a Square Light Source

Making a Round Light Source

Sources of Materials mentioned in Pinhole Tool Kit list

Materials used in an Inquiry Workshop:

6 Square Light Sources with fixtures

6 bulbs, each with different filaments

6 cards with square and oddly shaped holes

Additional Pinhole Kit materials (see Sources of Materials in Pinhole Kit)

Pinhole Inquiry

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