IFI-Developed Materials for Graduates

These activities have been developed to accompany and augment one of the IFI workshops.

Balance Inquiry
This material started being presented in April, 1999 as an alternative to the Pinhole Inquiry.

Modifications to IFI Activities
After presenting IFI activities at workshops, they slowly evolved and changed from the original write-ups that are posted on the IFI activities page. The following documents reflect some of these changes.

Children's Learning and Inquiry
This material was presented at the Professional Development Design Workshop after completing the Process Circus and the Ice Balloons activities. It was also given out as a handout.

Structure of the Extended Color Investigation
This material was developed for the summer workshop participants who participated in a 10-15 hour extended investigation on the topic of color. It is meant to clarify the steps during the complex process of structuring the investigation and provide a rationale for this design.

Three Kinds of Hands-on Science: Spinning Tops Activity
This is a modified version of the 3 kinds of hands-on science: Foam Activity using the phenomena of spinning tops instead of foam.

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