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Workshop/Activity Sharing Template

If you have done, or are planning to do, any lessons, activities, or workshops related to inquiry that you would like input or feedback from other graduates, send the following information by email or on disk, and we will post it on the Graduate Work web page.

1) District/Project Name: (location)





2) Team Member Names: (titles)
(please send photos)

3) Purpose of Workshop or Activity:
(please send photos)





4) Audience


5) Description of Activities:


6) Schedule
(include photos of activity space)


How the Design of the Workshop/Activity Supports the Purpose:


Questions and Feedback:

If sending this before the workshop, answer the following questions:

What would you like to learn from designing it this way?

What kind of input/feedback would you like from the group?


If sending this after the workshop, answer the following questions:

How did it go?

What surprised you?

What pleased/disappointed you?

Would you do it different next time? How?

What would you like feedback on from the group?


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