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Fundamentals of Inquiry

Fundamentals of Inquiry

Examining Scientific Practices and the Next Generation Science Standards

A workshop for professional developers presented by
the Exploratorium’s Institute for Inquiry®

October 20–24, 2014
New dates added! December 8-12, 2014
Pier 15, San Francisco, California

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For more than thirty years, the Institute for Inquiry has served as a professional development center for teachers, administrators, and professional developers interested in exploring the theory and practice of inquiry-based teaching and learning. Our workshops illuminate the power of learning scientific content through inquiry and introduce strategies for providing inquiry experiences in the classroom. These experiences include the scientific practices that are core to the Next Generation Science Standards.

In this five-day workshop you'll explore ways to support classroom teachers in moving from structured, hands-on science with teacher-prescribed directions to a more inquiry- based approach where students take more responsibility for their learning. (To preview a workshop activity, click here.)

Participants will:

  • carry out a series of activities that illuminate the principles of inquiry-based learning;
  • practice science inquiry as it relates to the science practices illuminated in the Next Generation Science Standards;
  • learn how to apply these activities in your professional development program; and
  • examine the techniques of effective professional development design, such as how to sequence activities, match activities to learning goals, and facilitate discussions to advance teachers’ thinking and practices.

This workshop is organized into three sections that illuminate the fundamentals of inquiry-based teaching and learning. To learn more, click here.

Who is this workshop for?
Our workshops are designed for educators with professional development roles such as science specialists, curriculum coordinators, teachers on special assignment, lead teachers, administrators, museum educators, university faculty, and scientists. Though our primary audience is educators who work with elementary classroom teachers, workshop materials and activities can be easily adapted for other audiences, such as middle- and high-school teachers or pre-service educators.

Come with your colleagues.
It’s easier to apply what you’ve learned to your own program if you can work with a teammate who’s also experienced the workshop. Workshop activities are most effective when taught by teams of two or more. We also offer a team discount.

If you have questions, call us at 415.528.4397 or email us at ifi@exploratorium.edu. For a printable flyer, please click here.