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IronScience Teacher

Cheer on the competitors in this zany science cook-off, where teachers compete before a live audience at the Exploratorium for the revered title, "Iron Science Teacher."

Parodying the cult Japanese TV program, Iron Chef, the Exploratorium's Iron Science Teacher competition showcases Bay Area science teachers as they devise demonstrations around a particular ingredient—an everyday item such as a plastic bag, a milk carton, or a nail. In a fast-paced atmosphere where showmanship and creativity reign, science teachers are given ten minutes to concoct a science activity that can be used in the classroom.

Some of the best Iron Science Teacher competitions are archived here according to where their secret ingredient was found. After watching the Webcasts, cook up some activities of your own.

marbles  Baseball stuff
 CD cases
 Nuts and Bolts
pencils Pencils
 Rulers/meter sticks
 Sticky tape

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latest winnerTiwana and Sean with Fruit Batteries.
special holiday
jackie-o  Valentines: Chocolate
 Halloween: Bats
 Halloween: Bones
 Xmas: Fruit Cake
 Valentines: Valentine's Gifts
dogs Milk
bottles Aluminum Cans
 Plastic Bottles
Check out our complete archive of Iron Science Teacher Webcasts.

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