Steve and Joe make
a hot air balloon
as a science project


Hot Air Balloon Race Around the World!

Project conducted by Mrs. Jean Sigmar's 4th Grade Class

This project integrated
many areas of the 4th
grade curricula, including
geography, maps and
atlases, math, science,
and language arts. 4th
graders used library books
and electronic resources
for information, and enjoyed
reading and writing
stories about hot air


A Hot Air Balloon Visits Fishburn

Thoughts from Mrs. Henderson's First Graders



Hot Air Tissue Paper Balloon





The K-8 Aeronautics Internet Textbook

is an electronic multimedia
text, teachers'supplement and student workbook designed to be used over the internet
in conjunction with the World
Wide Web. This "electronic
textbook" presents a comprehensive,
cohesive study of the science of
aeronautics at a level elementary
and middle school students and their
instructors can easily understand
and enjoy. Internet communication
media include written text, sign languagefor the deaf, still pictures, and short video clips.


Tissue Paper Hot Air Balloon

This activity was written by Timothy Storey, a teacher at MICDS, who developed and uses these directions at the PEGASUS summer camp program for 4th through 6th graders.




Hot Air Balloon

An indoor hot air balloon
made out of a plastic
film dry cleaner bag.


Come Fly With Me:

The Search For The
Secret of Flight

Building and Flying

Paper Hot Air Balloons


Brian Queen



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