Flying in a Hot Air Balloon

By Cheryl Walsh Bellville

Experience what it's like to be a
passenger and a mamber of a chase crew
on a balloon flight. Learn how a
balloon is put together and how it
is able to fly.

Book, 48 pages.

Minneapolis, MN: Carolrhoda Books, 1993

The Man in the Moon and the Hot Air Balloon

By David Delamare

The moon has disappeared
and Winston and his friend Sebastian
build a hot-air balloon and go
in search of it.

Book, 31 pages.

NY: Marlowe and Co, 1996


Free Spirits in the Sky

By John Christopher Fine

The history, science, sport
and fun of ballooning.

Book, 32 pages.

New York, Atheneum, 1994



Flight (Eyewitness Series)

Combines the story of manned
flight with a celebration of nature's great
fliers, from birds to insects. Discover how
human designers borrow ideas from the natural
world to build today's sophisticated machines

Video, 35 minutes

DK Vision, 1997

Hot Air Ballooning

By David Iggulden

A beautifully illustrated history
of the sport of ballooning,
including a chapter on how hot air
balloons will be used in the future.


Mosman, Australia: Pierson & Co.



Real Kids, Real Adventures:

A Runaway Hot Air Balloon

By Deborah Morris

A young boy is finds himself alone
in a hot air balloon hundreds of feet
above the ground. True stories of real-life
kids who have faced danger with courage,
and unexpected adventure with confidence.

Book Chapter, 37 pages

NY: Berkley Books, 1995



Gregory and the Hot Air Balloon

This is an interactive adventure
starring a woodchuck and his pet lizard,
who take a balloon trip but need help to
get home.Games and music abound, and
a child can read several stories
along the way.
Recommended for ages 4-7.



CONTACT: Broderbund, 800-521-6263,





To fly non-stop around the world
in a balloon is one of aviation's
last great challenges. This NOVA/PBS Online
Adventure followed the preparations
and launch of one of the top ballooning
teams during the 1996/1997 season.
Prepare yourself for this season's
round of attempts by checking out
our stories on the current
contenders, the history and
science of ballooning,
the jet stream, and much more.


Grades 11-12

This lesson provides students
with an understanding of how hot air
balloons are designed and tested and
what factors affect flight.Through a
problem solving approach, students will
gain an understanding of balloon
construction, history and types of
materials used. Hands on activities
and video have been incorporated to
extend and reinforce the concepts.




Balloons! The Colorful World of Hot Air Ballooning

Experience the Colorful World of Hot Air Ballooning.

A comprehensive covering all aspects of hot air ballooning.




By Phylis Perry

Describes the history of ballooning from its origins in 18th century France to today

NY: Franklin Watts, 1996


Scientific Eye:

Lighter Than Air

Explores the composition and nature
of air. Includes children making and flying
their own hot-air balloons.

Video, 20 minutes

Journal Films, 1987

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