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Current News Sources

Official Agency Pages


Research Institutions

Periodicals / Magazines / Journals

Publication Directories

Species Lists


Maps, Charts and Datasets



Image Sources

Web Cameras

Sound Files


Education Resource Sections

Materials in the Learning Studio

Other Useful and Interesting Sites

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Current News Sources:
Sites devoted to news on the topic of this page.

ALL Species Foundation - Press Room

ALL Species Foundation - Species Discovered

Biology in the News at the NBII

Discovery of the Week - National Museum of Natural History Department of Systematic Biology

NSF News related to Biology

Official Agency Pages:

United States, National:

NASA Astrobiology Institute (NAI)

National Biological Information Infrastructure (NBII)

National Center for Biotechnology Information

National Museum of Natural History

The National Park Service - NatureNet

National Science Foundation - Biology Page

National Zoo

River Corridor and Wetland Restoration

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

USGS Biological Resources Division

USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center

USGS Western Ecological Research Center

United States, State and Regional:

California Environmental Resources Evaluation System (CERES)

California Information Node at the NBII

The Sierra Nevada Ecosystem Project (SNEP)



California Association for Fire Ecology (CAFE)

California Foundation For Agriculture in the Classroom

National, United States:

American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS)

American Zoo and Aquarium Association

Association of College & University Biology Educators

Association of Systematics Collections

Earthwatch Institute


National Association of Biology Teachers

National Center for Science Education

National Parks Conservation Association

National Wildlife Federation

The Nature Conservancy

Sierra Club

US Long Term Ecological Research Network

National, Other Nations:

United Kingdom:

Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council

Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom (MBA)


American Geophysical Union-Biogeosciences

Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN)

Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections SPNHC

The World Conservation Union (IUCN)

IUCN Species Survival Commission (SSC)

Research Institutions:

Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia

American Museum of Natural History - Research Web Site

Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Museum of Vertebrate Zoology - University of California, Berkeley

Periodicals / Magazines / Journals:


National Biological Information Infrastructure - Electronic Journals

Electronic Periodicals:

Zoogoer - National Zoo

Print Periodicals with Web Pages:

American Journal of Bioethics

Publication Directories:

ALL Species Foundation

Association of College & University Biology Educators Publications

California Foundation For Agriculture in the Classroom - Resource Materials

EcoWorld Articles

ESRI Papers Submitted for Publication by ICE Staff Members

Hinterland Who's Who fact sheets

National Biological Information Infrastructure - Online References: Biological Textbooks

National Parks Conservation Association Reports

USGS Biological Resources Discipline (BRD) Publications

USGS WERC Fact Sheets

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Conservation Library

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Publications Online

Species Lists:


Classification of Living Things

ITIS Data Access The ITIS (Integrated Taxonomic Information System) database

General Lists:

Kingdom Animalia

Species in Parks Flora and Fauna Databases

Regional and local:

Wild Species 2000 (Canada)

New Mexico Species List / Species Accounts



BBC - Nature - Wildfacts

Biodiversity Informatics: Databases

BIOVISA.NET Online Protocol, Journal and Forum Center for Life Science Researchers

Museum of Vertebrate Zoology Data Access University of California, Berkeley

TreeBASE a Database of Phylogenetic Knowledge

World Biodiversity Database

Maps, Charts and Datasets:


Geographic Information Systems & Spatial Data - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

SNEPMap/Data Site - Sierra Nevada Ecosystem Project


California Vegetation Map Catalog

ICEMAPS2 - A Mapping Service @ The Information Center for the Environment

Terminology (some illustrated):


Animal Terms Names for Males, Females, Young, and Groups

Biodiversity Glossary

BioSpace Glossary

BioTech's Life Science Dictionary

Glossary - University of Michigan

Glossary of Phylogenetic Systematics

Guide to Internet Resources for Biological Taxonomy & Classification

Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS)

National Biological Information Infrastructure - Online References: Dictionaries & Glossaries

Zoonomen - Zoological Nomenclature Resource


Pachamama Glossary

South Florida Ecosystems - Kid's Corner Dictionary

Image Sources:


Animal Pictures Archive

BIODIDAC A bank of digital resources for teaching biology

CalPhotos: Animals

Cosumnes Research Group: Image Gallery

Fish and Game's Photo Gallery - Alaska

The Manzanita Project - digital images of California plants and animals

Museum of Vertebrate Zoology Catalogued Images

National Zoo Animal Gallery

USGS Biological Resources Photo Gallery

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Images

Worldwide Museum of Natural History


Alaska Online Video Gallery

Video Clips Index - Hinterland Who's Who - Canadian Wildlife Service - Environment Canada

Web cameras:
Many web cameras are in different time zones so you may get a dark image with just a few lights.
The U.S. Naval Observatory has a World Time Zone Map on the Web.
Also weather conditions may result in images that are mainly of fog, clouds or rain.

National Zoo WebCams


ALL Species Foundation - Multimedia

Education Resource Sections:
Some sites have sections devoted to educational material.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game - Teachers' Resources

Animal Diversity Web Resources for Instructors

National Museum of Natural History Educational Resources

National Park Service Links to Learning

National Zoo Education Resources

Teacher Resources at the NBII

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Educating for Conservation

Materials in the Learning Studio:
Note: These are only a few possible searches.
Access to the Learning Studio is available for the public.
Also a small 'paper clip' next to a record indicates a web link.

Subject Keyword Search the Learning Studio Catalog for All Our Materials on:


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Other Useful and Interesting Sites::

ALL Species Foundation

Altweb-Alternatives to Animal Testing on the Web

BBC - Beasts

Biodiversity of the Hengduan Mountains Region, China

Bioluminescence Web Page

Biomedical Informatics Research Network - BIRN

California Academy of Sciences - Skulls

California's Natural Resources

Center for Ecological Health Research (CEHR)

CIESM Atlas of Exotic Species

Convention on Biological Diversity

CREO Extinctions Database

e-Skeletons Project View and compare the bones of a human, gorilla, and baboon.

GCSE Bitesize Revision - Biology at the BBC

Global Invasive Species Programme (GISP)

Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment

Invasive Species Resources at the NBII

Klamath Resource Information System (KRIS)

Man and the Biosphere Species Databases

Natural Resource Projects Inventory

Nebraska Behavioral Biology Group (NBBG)

SenseLab Project

Parasites and Parasitological Resources

Tree of Life

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