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Current News Sources

Official Agency Pages


Research Institutions

Publication Directories




Species Lists

Image Sources

Web cameras

Education Resource Sections

Materials in the Learning Studio

San Francisco Bay Area Local Resources

Other Useful and Interesting Sites

Specific Species

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Current News Sources:
Sites devoted to news on the topic of this page.

American Fisheries Society - Media

Official Agency Pages:

United States:

National Marine Fisheries Service (NOAA Fisheries)

National Museum of Natural History Division of Fishes


American Fisheries Society

American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists

Native Fish Society

North American Native Fishes Association

Research Institutions:

Department of Ichthyology at the California Academy of Sciences

Pelagic Shark Research Foundation

Publication Directories:

Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Electronic Publications - American Fisheries Society

NOAA Fisheries - Publications


Catalog of Fishes William N. Eschmeyer Editor
Published by the California Academy of Sciences



Coral Realm Glossary

Glossary of Terms - StreamNet


Fish Link Central: Commercial/Software

Species Lists:


Find a fish

Fish Collection - Online Search National Museum of Natural History Division of Fishes

Larval Fishes from Carrie Bow Cay, in Color

National Fish Strain Registry (NFSR)

Species Finder Fish

Regional and local:

New Mexico Species Accounts - Fish

Image Sources:

CalPhotos: Fish by common name

CalPhotos: Fish by scientific name

Drawings of Alaska's Fish

FishScope: Time-Lapse Recordings and Confocal Images Dealing With the Developmental Biology of Fish

Ichthyology Image Gallery

Pelagic Shark Research Foundation Image Library

Web cameras:

Many web cameras are in different time zones so you may get a dark image with just a few lights.
The U.S. Naval Observatory has a World Time Zone Map on the Web.
Remember to refresh the display when returning to pages visited recently.
Refresh rates may vary by seconds or days depending on the camera.

Fish Link Central: Internet_Resources/Web_Cams

Education Resource Sections:

Some sites have sections devoted to educational material.

Bridge - Ocean Sciences Education Teacher Resource Center

NOAA Education Web Site

Materials in the Learning Studio:
Note: These are only a few possible searches.
Access to the Learning Studio is available for the public.
Also a small 'paper clip' next to a record indicates a web link.

Subject Keyword Search the Learning Studio Catalog for All Our Materials on:


Subject Keyword Search the Learning Studio Catalog for Free Online Materials on:


Also try searches for specific species.

San Francisco Bay Area Local Resources:

Steinhart Aquarium

Other Useful and Interesting Sites:

Fish Information Service (FINS)

Fish Link Central: Your Guide to Aquarium Resources on the Internet

Shark Research Program at the University of Florida Museum of Natural History

Specific Species:

Coelacanth: The Fish Out of Time

The Xiphophorus Home Page

Zebrafish Information Network

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