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Research Institutions:

Museum of the History of Science Oxford

Image Sources:


Caltech Archives PhotoNet

Edgar Fahs Smith Collection

Materials in the Learning Studio:
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General History:

A Science Odyssey - PBS

timelinescience - one thousand years of scientific thought

General Persons:

4000 Years of Women in Science

Faces of Science: African Americans in the Sciences

Profiles in Science


Benjamin Franklin: A documentary History

The Huxley File

By Discipline:

Astronomy, General:

About the Goddard Space Flight Center

The Brief History of Astronomy A timeline

The Bruce Medalists

Early History of Radio Astronomy

Greek Astronomy The Revival of an Ancient Science

History of Astronomical Spectroscopy

Mysteries of Deep Space Timeline

Astronomy, Specific:

Chronology of Lunar and Planetary Exploration

John F. Kennedy Space Center - History of Human Spaceflight

The Shapley - Curtis Debate in 1920: The Scale of the Universe

Astronomy, Persons:

Biographical Index to Sky & Telescope

Famous Astronomers and Astrophysicists

History of Astronomy: Persons

Astronomy, Specific persons:

Tycho Brahe - Tycho Brahe museum at Ven

Edwin Hubble 1889-1953 By Allan Sandage (1989, JRASC Vol. 83, No.6)

Maria Mitchell:Historical Eclipse Chaser

Astronomy, Images:

DAHAP: Digital Archive of Historical Astronomy Pictures

Biology, General:

The Albatross Philippine Expedition

American Museum of Natural History Congo Expedition Digital Library Project

Medicine and Madison Avenue Project

Biology, Persons:

Annelida Biographies and Obituaries

Biographies of Biologists - BIOSIS

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

Significant Events Of The Last 125 Years - American Society for Microbiology


Specific persons:

Carl Albert Purpus, Plant Collector in Western North America

John Snow - a historical giant in epidemiology

The Alfred Russel Wallace Page

The Life and Work of Antoni Van Leeuwenhoek

Chemistry, General:

This Week in the History of Chemistry

Chemistry, Persons:

Biographical Snapshots of Famous Women and Minority Chemists

Famous Electrochemists

The History of Chemistry 1992 Woodrow Wilson Summer Institute

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Chemistry, Specific persons:

Computers, General:


Computers, Persons:

Computers, Specific persons:

Flight, General:

Boeing: The History Beneath Our Wings

Celebrating the Evolution of Flight American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Flights of Inspiration

NASA History Office

Flight, Magazines:

Historic Wings

Flight, Persons:

Inventors Gallery

Geology, General:

Geology, Persons:

Specific persons:

Mathematics, General:

History Topics Index (Mathematics)

MacTutor History of Mathematics archive

Mathematics, Persons:

Biographies of Women Mathematicians

Indexes of Biographies

Mathematicians of the African Diaspora

Mathematicians who were born or died [today]

Mathematicians' anniversaries throughout the year

Specific persons:

John Nash
American Experience | A Brilliant Madness

Oceanography, Persons:

Oceanography Careers - Women in Marine Sciences

Paleobiology, General:

Strange Science: The Rocky Road to Modern Paleontology and Biology

Paleobiology, Persons:

Joseph Leidy Academy of Natural Sciences

Physics, General:

Center for History of Physics At the American Institute of Physics

The Development of Mechanics

Physics, Specific:

The Discovery of the Electron

The Manhattan Project Documents

Physics, Images:

Physicists on Stamps

Physicists on the Money

Pictures of Famous Physicists - Dr. Joachim Reinhardt

Pictures of Famous Physicists - Instituto de Fisica/UFRJ

Physics, Persons:

Contributions of 20th Century Women to Physics

Famous Physicists

Gallery of Electromagnetic Personalities A Vignette History of Electromagnetics

History and the People of Physics

The Nobel Prize in Physics

Specific persons:

Wilson A. Bentley The Snowflake Man

Niels Bohr Archive

Marie Curie and the history of Radioactivity

Einstein - Image and Impact

Albert Einstein Online A directory of online sites.

Michael Faraday

Stephen Hawking's website

Heisenberg - The Uncertainty Principle

Joseph Henry Papers Project - Smithsonian Institutional History Division

Andrei Sakharov - Soviet Physics, Nuclear Weapons and Human Rights

J.J.Thomson - The Discover of the Electron

Ernest Rutherford - Scientist Supreme

Robotics, General:

The History of Robotics - at MIT

On Persons Not Listed Above:

Edison's Miracle of LIght

Inventing Entertainment: the Early Motion Pictures and Sound Recordings of the Edison Companies

Galileo Project

Hypatia of Alexandria

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