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The Exploratorium Learning Studio receives many requests for help with science fair projects, both from teachers and students. We have brought together here some good places to start. Remember, they're just a start -- explore them! We've picked the page that's really about science fairs, but many websites have much more to offer. Try cutting back one level in the directory (for example, from this page ( -- erase the URL back to -- to see what else is there.

General Overview -- What are science fairs about, anyway? What's the "scientific method," and how can I demonstrate it in a project? Background and overview sites, with "been there, done that" stories.

Resources for Students -- ideas, sample projects, Ask An Expert sites, and figuring out what the judges look for.

Resources for Teachers -- flow charts on organizing a science fair, sample judging sheets and evaluation criteria.

Resources for Parents -- making your kid's project a lower-stress learning experience for you both, and even enjoying it.

Supplies & Materials -- where to get those beakers, motors, slime mold spores, extra-strong magnets, strange adhesives, and plastic skeletons.

Books & Resources -- books, videos, software and other resources available at the Exploratorium's Learning Studio for our educator members and Teacher Institute alumnae.

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