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Our extensive website is packed with ideas for science fair projects: online exhibits, online classroom activities, the Science Snacks page (miniature versions of some of our most popular exhibits, with full instructions). The Digital Library and back issues of Exploring Magazine are great resources, as is the Teacher Institute's Weblinks page. Teachers can join the Museum as Educator Members with library privileges, or attend the summer Institutes. And there's more...





What IS science?

A definition and essay by Dan Berger, one of the experts at the Mad Scientists Network ("a collective cranium of scientists" answering your questions in a wide variety of areas..





What ISN'T science?

A thoughtful, witty essay by Richard Feynman, the physicist who showed us why the O-rings on the space shuttle Challenger failed. This expands on what he said then: "For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over appearances, for nature cannot be fooled.".





Internet Public Library

A great starting point: how-tos, ideas, resources, scientific dictionaries, magazines online, and LOTS of example projects.





Mad Scientists

A comprehensive science site with a huge archive of answered questions, a great library (click on it for their Science Fairs page), and the Random Knowledge Generator -- a great source of project ideas..






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