Science Fair Supplies and Materials






Exploratorium Snack Supplies

Suggestions on finding cheap or free materials for your project -- and sources for what you just have to buy.





Cyberbee's List

The basic supply houses -- Edmunds Scientific, American Science and Surplus, Fisher Science Education, etc. Many of these also have teacher forums -- explore!





Mad Scientist Network

Mostly chemicals and reagents; some physics materials.





Carolina Biological Supply

Anything and everything biological -- plus glassware, instruments, software, videos, and multimedia kits. Bonus: the "Carolina Tips" newsletter, with essays, book reviews, and news of new teaching tools.





The Science Fair

From technical equipment down to educational games, with a good selection of safety equipment.





American Science & Surplus

A tinkerer's paradise. Small motors, unclassifiable hardware, electrical components, prisms, glassware, and the occasional radioactive waste disposal bag.





Archie McPhee

Some genuine science, surrounded by general wierdness. But sometimes you just need a Star Wars Pez dispenser...


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