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Remember, many of these websites have much more to offer than the page we've chosen. Try cutting back a level or two in the directory (for example, from this page, -- erase the URL back to -- to see what else is there.



Exploratorium Teacher Institute

Summer science camp for teachers! The Teacher Institute provides workshops for in-service science teachers of grades 6-12, offering a teacher-centered, content-based, learn-by-doing approach to science learning. For alumnae, password access to the Web Science Workshop





Institute for Inquiry and
The Pinhole Archives

Professional development activities toward an understanding of inquiry-based instruction and the elements of inquiry teaching. The achives of IFI's "Pinhole" newsletter (current editions available to members) are a good source of project ideas, Exploratorium staff explanations of natural phenomena, and "random yet interesting questions."





It's Science Fair Time!

A Canadian perspective on science fairs by teacher Marlene Kroeker, with a week-by-week game plan and the reminder that "students take their cue from us. If we enjoy science so will they."





National Student Research Center

Searchable database of program development materials, E-Journals, and student research. Opportunites for your students to publish their work.





Multicultural Math Fair

From a Palo Alto, CA middle school with more than 15 ethnic groups represented come examples of using math as the universal language it can be.





Carolina Online TIps

Classroom-scale projects, mostly involving critters and plants (Madagascan Giant Hissing Roaches! Terrific Tarantulas!) from Carolina Biological Supply Company, which can make a river run through your classroom.





Access Excellence

Links to selected resources in twenty areas of science, from "a place in cyberspace for biology teaching and learning."






The magazine of the National Science Teachers Association. Each issue features a different science topic -- and don't miss the Essays on Teaching and Learning on the Teacher/Parent/Youth Professional page.


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