Light and your eye

Perception Snacks
These perception and eye-related activities are miniature versions of our museum exhibits.

Paul Doherty’s Eye Activities
Paul Doherty’s eye activities are part of the Exploratorium Teacher Institute’s month-long workshop for high school science teachers.

Pictures from Light
With a lens, you can bend light to make pictures of the world.

Human Body Explorations
This Exploratorium publication contains several eye-related activities, including Tunnel of Light, Something in Your Eye, and A Hole New Experience.

Seeing Collection
Learn more about the Exploratorium’s revitalized and expanded exhibit collection on vision and human perception.

Eye Exhibits
The Exploratorium has developed over 50 exhibits relating to the eye and perception. Many of these can be found in our partner museums.

Pathway: Looking Without Seeing
Can you always trust your eyes? This Field Trip Pathway will test the limit of your visual perception.

Pathway: Eyeballs
Investigate how we see things using this Field Trip Pathway.

Eye-D Aim High Webcast
In this Exploratorium Webcast, middle school students from the Aim High program explore the topic of retinal scans.

Not Fade Away
Joel Deutsch shares his journey into blindness as his retina slowly deteriorates due to retinitis pigmentosa.

Sighting the First Sense
This student-created Thinkquest site provides an interactive introduction to the eye, vision, and perception.

The Joy of Visual Perception
This online book presents copious information and illustrations on diverse topics relating to human vision and perception.

Cut Out Dissection!
This page from PETAkids presents ethical arguments against animal dissection.

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