This section covers the procedures for building your own light island. Carefully follow them step by step and please remember to follow all safety procedures.


The first step is to create the cutouts (or masks) that will go over the windows. You will need scissors an X-ACTO blade and black construction paper. Print each of the cutouts below. Click on each "thumbnail" to view the cutout at the proper size (6" x 4").

"cutout #1" "cutout #2" "cutout #3" "cut out #4" "cutout #5"

Once the "thumbnails" have been printed, use them as templates to create your new cutouts using the construction paper. For cutout #2, make two cutouts. Colored gels will be placed in each of the three windows.
Place the green gel is placed in the center. Attach the gels to the first construction paper cutout with rubber cement, then place the second cutout over the first to create the mask.

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