Some villages are looking back to their traditional past. Native handicrafts, dance, and language are making a comeback. This revival is, in part, prompted by economic opportunities presented by eco-tourism. In two of the villages we visited--one inhabited by the Bora and the other by the Yaguar--traditional songs and dances were presented for our benefit. The differences in music, dance and dress between the tribes was remarkable considering that they are so close geographically.  Bora chief


Jaguar musicians

The other villages and small towns that we stopped in gave us a better idea of what day-to-day life in the Amazon is like. Here people tend small gardens, women do the wash down at the river's edge, and children play in dugout canoes. We couldn't help but be amazed at seeing a seven-year-old very confidently paddle around the river with a three-year-old sister on board.

 Discovering the Amazon:
The World's Greatest River


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