Assignment Handout
Title: The Satellite Presentation Project

You are the project manager for a satellite. Your assignment is to obtain continued funding (many people are depending on you). In order to accomplish your assignment, you must convince the Congressional Subcommittee on NASA Spending (your classmates) that your mission merits continued funding. Should you fail to convince committee, your satellite will be decommissioned and allowed to burn up in the atmosphere.

  1. You and your team will convince the committee (your classmates) that your satellite should be allowed to continue its mission.
  2. Your assignment is to "surf" the internet to look up information on your satellite (including; launch date, purpose, data and pictures collected, and other little known facts).
  3. Using the information, make a presentation to the class to convince them that you should receive funding to continue your mission. Remember your life's work is tied to this piece of hardware. You should have visual aids (poster, overhead transparencies, or models) and handouts for your presentation.
  4. Hand in a research log (where did you get the information; title and address) of all information used.
  5. Hand in printouts of all information used
    References: The Internet - Places to start:
  1. History of Space Exploration
  2. Satellites

Assessment: You will be graded on your:

  • Presentation -
    • preparation (were you ready?)
    • clarity and effectiveness of the presentation (were you interesting and convincing?)
    • effectiveness of visually aids used
    • were handouts used?
  • Written report submitted (to include)
    • outline of presentation (may be the same as handout)
    • research log (title and address of all information used)
    • print out of all information used

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