The Sonic Series public programs

Deep Listening®
with Pauline Oliveros
April 3 and April 4, 2004
This special workshop introduced Pauline Oliveros' practice of Deep Listening ®, which involves heightened awareness of and active engagement with the sounds that surround us. Blindfolded participants were slowly led through the Exploratorium, a profound experience that allowed them to listen deeply to the sounds around them. A follow-up discussion gave participants the opportunity to share their "blindwalk" experiences and compare them with recordings of what they had heard.
You Won't Believe
Your Ears
May 5, 2004

This fascinating evening program led participants on an auditory odyssey exploring the strengths and limitations of sound as a perceptive device. Guided by radio dramatist Tony Palermo and researcher Diana Deutsch, participants were introduced to sound effect devices and experienced striking sound illusions.

Sound Trips:
A Travelogue Through Sonic Landscapes

June 12, 2004  
Using state-of-the-art technologies, we turned the McBean Theater into a variety of sonic landscapes. Sound artists David Dunn, Manuel Rocha Iturbide, Jason Reinier, and Paul Matzner, and composers Guillermo Galindo and Maggi Payne explored the auditory environment and discussed how composers use field recordings as a sonic palette.  
Tuning In 4
July 14, 2004
Every musical instrument has a unique personality. Whether it's a violin, a steel pan, or a series of wineglasses played with wet fingers, you recognize each instrument by its unique sound quality. Instrument designer Bart Hopkin, acclaimed steel pan tuner and player LeRoy Williams, and sound artist and Exploratorium exhibit developer Krys Bobrowski will share how they listen for an instrument's nuances and how they shape the personality of the instruments they make and play. Space is limited; reservations are recommended. Please call 415-528-4308 for more information.
Listen While
You Work
August 28, 2004
Meet artists and professionals whose jobs depend on manipulating, filtering, and focusing on particular sounds. Annie Gosfield will perform EWA7, a composition that incorporates sounds from factories, industrial materials, junk percussion, and altered instruments. Then learn to discern and interpret sounds with Ken Dunckel, a safe and vault technician, auto shop instructor Lisa Miller, and internal medicine specialist Dr. Ray Yeh.
Hearing Voices   September 12, 2004
David Stroud
5 Embark on a journey down your windpipe! Discover the relationship between vocal production and listening with internationally renowned vocal coach Dave Stroud. Stroud will introduce "speech level singing," a method that approaches singing as an extension of speech. Volunteers from the audience will receive one-on-one feedback from Dave Stroud.

Professional singers—including Terry Ellis of En Vogue, Tony Lindsay of Santana, Christy Macintosh of Beach Blanket Babylon, and Chelsea Dyer—will provide vocal demonstrations.