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Toy Misfits: Take apart and repurpose toys.
Maker Faire 2010: Exploratorium activities and exhibits.
Twisted Toys: 22 creative minds, 1 mechanical toy chicken, 8 hours of tinkering.
Open MAKE: Motions & Mechanisms - Marble runs, gears, motors, and linkages.
Open MAKE: Sound - Make some noise, make some music!
Open MAKE: Wearables & soft circuitry - Sew your circuits!
Mod your own - Customize anything with a vinyl cutter
Open MAKE: Circuits - Experiments in public tinkering: this month's theme is circuits!
Krys Bobrowski - Explorations of sound and balloons.
Reflections workshop - Visitors created a gallery of shiny and sparkly contraptions.
Maker Faire '09, Day 1 - Highlights from the Exploratorium booth.
Maker Faire '09, Day 2 - Highlights from the Exploratorium booth.
Science for Monks - Hands-on science with Tibetan monks.
Smashbat - Strobe photography made smashingly simple.
Chris Bell - Kinetic light installations.
Light Distractions - Exploring light, color, and reflection.
Tinkering Studio - Marble Machines with Exploratorium Staff.

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